Are Your Wheels Out of Whack?

Get alignment repair service in Battle Creek, MI

Unfortunately, it’s easy to knock steering out of alignment. All it takes is driving over a few bad potholes in Battle Creek, MI or getting into a minor accident.

You’ll know it when you need alignment repair work: You’ll feel your car pulling left or right as you drive down the road. Since misalignment can lead to bigger problems, like uneven tire wear, you need to call Mom & Pop’s Auto Shop, LLC.

We’ll complete your alignment repair in a jiffy so you can get back to cruising down the road.

Is it time for your bi-annual alignment?

You live in Michigan. While ours is a beautiful state, road conditions brought on by our weather extremes make it necessary for you to check your car’s wheel alignment twice a year.

Michigan instated this requirement to:

Extend the life of your tires

Increase your gas mileage

Ensure safer driving

Battle Creek, MI residents trust Mom & Pop’s Auto Shop for their bi-annual alignment checks and alignment repair services.

Contact us today to schedule a wheel alignment—or just drop on in.