Act Promptly When Your Engine Light is On

Stop In for Engine Diagnostic Service in Battle Creek, MI

You’re driving down the road on your daily commute to work. You’re thinking about that presentation you have to give, or that meeting you just can’t miss. All of a sudden, your check engine light comes on. In addition to your busy schedule, you now have to worry about engine diagnostic service.

Stop by Mom & Pop’s Auto Shop, LLC in Battle Creek, MI right away to get the problem solved.

We know that unexpected car trouble can be a pain, and we welcome you to drop in at your convenience for a check engine light diagnostic. We’ll let you know what the issue is and fix it as soon as possible.

Why bother with engine diagnostic service?

The check engine light can mean just about anything. Many times, the light comes on to indicate a minor issue. However, it could also mean that there’s something seriously wrong with your vehicle.

Some drivers make the mistake of ignoring the light. This delay in maintenance can worsen the problem. When the light comes on, you’ll want to get a check engine light diagnostic as soon as possible.

During engine diagnostic service, a service professional will:

Scan the onboard computer in your car

Retrieve a diagnostic code

Identify the problem

Check our database for any announcements from your car’s manufacturer

Come by our shop in Battle Creek, MI today to get peace of mind when you drive.