Come to Us for Auto Maintenance

Get an oil change in Battle Creek, MI

An oil change is considered a routine service for a reason – clean oil is essential for keeping your car working properly.

An oil change will keep the moving parts of your engine protected and free from premature wear. If you go too long without replacing the oil, your engine can overheat, resulting in serious mechanical problems.

If you’re looking for a reliable auto shop in Battle Creek, MI, look no further. The mechanics at Mom & Pop’s Auto Shop, LLC have years of experience working on cars. Our team can quickly perform an oil change and get you back on the road.

Come by the shop today for routine maintenance.

Your AC is key

Imagine driving around in your car in the middle of summer. It’s hot outside, but your AC keeps you cool. Suddenly, your AC stops working. You instantly feel as if you’re in an oven, and even rolling down the windows doesn’t help.

If you’re AC is acting up, you need professional service. Count on Mom & Pop’s Auto Shop to handle your AC repair.

Stop in for an AC repair today and relax as you ride around in a cool car tomorrow. Our Battle Creek, MI customers rely on us for all kinds of auto services. You can count on us for:


Lift kit installation

Heating repair

Used car inspection

Our mechanics will solve all of your vehicle-related problems – big or small.